Limousine Service

NISCAR Limousine Service is one of the most renowned passenger transportation services in Germany and Europe. Beside well-known politicians, well-known celebrities also belong to our regular customers. A continuous, professional appearance is on the agenda and is appreciated by all customers.

Our services

We have the best – good staff is essential for a successful journey

  • Our transfers are carried out exclusively by trained staff
  • Years of experience of our drivers is the key to success

Nothing is above human integrity – personal safety is the highest priority in our service

  • Our drivers are prepared for every obstacle through specific training in dangerous situations
  • The use of luxury vehicles from the luxury class with high safety equipment matters

A ride as if on clouds – the high level of comfort during the ride is immensely important to us

  • Our professional reception – catering if desired – is highly appreciated by all our clients
  • With our communicative driver, time flies – if you wish to be quiet, we will only communicate with you when requested
  • Constant discretion – our drivers are contractually bound to secrecy

Agile as a badger – the most flexible service in the world

  • Spontaneous journey planning – if the driver wishes to change the route, he will do so without hesitation
  • Permanent availability of our drivers – if you have to leave the place at short notice, the driver will be with you within the shortest time
Simple, uncomplicated and flexible to the bone. Super Job NISCAR!

international footballer

I have never experienced such a professional and warm welcome at a shuttle service.

regional politician

Very pleasant journey, thank you very much.

CEO of DAX group